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July 2021 - The Village Voice

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The PNW exploded into summer over the last week. Sure, most of us had been eagerly awaiting this season shift. But, whoa, last weekend was intense! The heat was thick and heavy, forcing us to pair down our responsibilities to only what really needed to happen, what was absolutely necessary to survive.

It was all SO reminiscent of parenting a new baby. Birth suddenly drops us into an utterly overwhelming stream of intense sensory input. Bleeding vaginas, sore and achy perineums, cracked nipples, crampy uteri, dry mouths, hungry bellies, crying babies, questioning in-laws, waiting social media streams. It is all so much, so quickly, all the time. And so all we can do sometimes is survive. But just like this heat wave, if we hunker down, aggressively prioritize only what really matters, and just be patient, we get through the intense time of being a new parent to a new baby. What if we could talk about being a new parent like we talked about the weather? With language that actually illustrates the reality of parenting that helps us all plan and get through the storms. At the Village Circle we are committed to this effort because we know the storms are real and that when we get through them together we all benefit! We have some important announcement about this summer and fall, so please read on. As always, thanks for being here for us!


Reflections for the Month: Relationships So many things change once we become parents. This last month we took some time to consider ways in which our relationships changed. We went in all directions with this: relationship with ourselves, our bodies, jobs, friends, sex, partners, parents. No surprise, this topic touched all of us, deeply. You name it, we likely explored it. Like with all topics, our aim was to call out these changes that for so many of us are unexpected. Sure, our brains prepare for the addition of another family member in concrete ways like making sure they have a carseat, arranging childcare, and buying diapers. But most of us get side swiped by the abstract ways we feel change when this additional family member arrives. If you could not make it to group, we hope you can grab a cool drink, find a quiet moment, and reflect.


Check-in questions: How have you experienced changes in relationships since becoming a parent? What are your hopes for your relationships?


Birthday Celebrations! We love celebrating and honoring the first birthdays! Our calendar doesn't show any first birthdays this month, but in case we have missed someone, we send our congratulations to any families who have made it through that first trip around the sun! Don't see your child's name listed? We may have missed it! Send us an email and we can include you on the next month.


Coming in July!

On our minds: July is open topic month! During our groups, we will make space to reflect and share anything that is real for us. These open topics are incredible opportunities to let the container of our group do its magic and hold us. Sometimes there is something BIG that we already know really needs some tending. Other times, if we sit in the quiet of this open prompt, something new pops up. We hope you can join us and share in this magic!

Summer In-Person Pilot Groups: First group is July 8th from 10-11:30am at Fairhaven Park near the upper picnic shelter! We are so excited to try this out and are grateful to everyone who helped us iron out details by taking the survey. Some important details:

  • These in-person groups will be in addition to our virtual groups. So if you are not ready to join yet, don't worry, our normal virtual groups will still be there for you (See schedule below for dates).

  • Group will be limited to 10 mamas only. This is to be able to maintain social distancing and still keep the group confidential.

  • Only babies 1 year or younger, or any age pre-super mobile stage, can join for in-person groups. We are returning to our pre-COVID guidelines for babies. When older and more mobile babies come, they start stealing the show from their mama and we want group to be about you, the mama! Mamas of older babies/kiddos are welcome to come without their child(ren).

  • Groups are open to anyone, regardless of vaccination status. We have established a mask policy that we ask all participants to honor when attending these groups.

  • Sign up will be required in order to attend. You can sign up at SignUpGenius. We ask that you cancel with 24 hours notice if you can't make it. Sign up full when you check it? Email us to be added to our waitlist.

  • Group will be at Fairhaven Park next to the upper picnic shelter. Bring a blanket or chair, snack, water, anything you need. We will be aiming for shade. There is parking available next to the shelter so if you don't feel up for the walk, you can drive all the way up the hill.

  • Group will start on time at 10am. This is all new, so give yourself some time and plan to arrive by 9:45-9:50 to settle in.


New Facilitator Introduction: Welcome Dani Giddens! We are so thrilled to have Dani join our collective. Many of you may have met Dani throughout the last year while she was attending groups, or more recently as she stepped up and filled in as a facilitator. Dani was trained in January 2021 and has jumped right in to being an active and vital part of our team. If you did not see this already, check out a little more about Dani here.


Ongoing Virtual Groups: Join us for an opportunity to center yourself, recharge, and connect with one of our virtual groups! July groups: Thursday July 1st, 10am-11:30am Thursday July 15th, 1:30pm-3:00pm Zoom link for all groups:


"What is the bravest thing you've ever said?" asked the boy. "Help", said the horse. -Charlie Mackesy, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse


We celebrate you, your story, and our time together.

In warmth, The Village Circle Collective


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