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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my child(ren) present during meetings?

Yes. We acknowledge that, especially during a pandemic, many of us are home and with our child(ren). It is not uncommon to have babies bouncing on laps, patted on shoulders, and eating during a group! We just ask that headphones be worn if a school-aged child is in the same room. This helps protect confidentiality as we all share.


Am I required to talk/share or can I just attend?

Everyone attending group is expected to share. There are no expectations, however, around how much you share. At the Village Circle we know that participating in vulnerability is how we begin to heal and help each other heal. Come as you are! 

What happens if there's someone I know present, and I share something private?

Confidentiality is foundational to The Village Circle. It is our first guideline we share and remind folks about before every group. As the saying goes, " What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". The same applies for group. We not only honor that what we share can be private, but also that we may want to share something with "no strings attached" and not have it brought back up to us later. Please know that this is a private space to share. 

What types of topics are talked about in groups?

We talk about it all! From fatigue, anxiety, and fear, to bodies, relationships and sex. Transparency and the raw experience is something we do not shy away from. The full span of experiences in parenthood is valid and this is a brave space to talk about it. While we do have topics to structure the group, it is never required to share on that topic. Group is still open to talk about whatever feels important to each of us. Themes can just give us an opportunity to unpack some of these commonly shared experiences. 

Will there be in-person groups or events?

As of right now, we are completely virtual. We want to ensure the safety of everyone, and right now, this is the way we are doing so. Please check the "Services" section for any updates on in-person events, as we are considering some organized meet-ups in the future. 

What is the structure of a facilitated group?

We encourage everyone to get signed into the call about 5 minutes before group begins, as this is how we honor everyone attending by beginning and ending on time. We begin with a welcome and introduction, followed by a mindfulness activity to settle into the space. Facilitators will share the guidelines for The Village Circle before exploring our topic for the week. We will then share a question prompt. Facilitators will share first, as no one would be asked to share if we didn't also feel comfortable sharing. After this, each participant will have a chance to share. Typically we have time for each person to have about 5 minutes to share, with some variation depending on the size of the group. If there is time, an open discussion is available, and then group is formally closed. Once closed, we have the space to stay on the call and chat/socialize for any remaining time.



What if I can't commit to the entire 90 minutes?

With the exception of unexpected circumstances, we ask folks to plan on joining group for the full 90 minutes. If something happens during group and you need to step away, that is certainly okay. However, the best way we can respect each person who has chosen to make the time and show up for a group is to fully commit. In parenthood this can be hard, but important. We deserve to make time for ourselves!


Can I join with my partner?

No. Our group is designed to provide support to individuals. Joining with a partner often complicates our ability to truly be vulnerable and process our own experiences and feelings without thinking about how they may affect a partner/relationship. 

Who is this group geared towards?

The Village Circle is for any birthing person and/or anyone identifying as a mother.



Do you have more questions?

Email us & we'll get back to you ASAP!

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