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August 2021 - The Village Voice

It was a big month this month: we had our first in person group since March 2020! It was a beautiful July morning, sitting in circle with each other. Our hearts were filled with memories of what the Village Circle is: connection. Sharing the connection through sharing physical space is truly magical. We cannot wait to do it again. To that end we will be busy planning for what the future holds in September, so please remember that there are no groups for the month of September. In light of new recommendations, we are mindfully considering our options. But have no fear, we will be back in October in some format, offering regular opportunities to drop in and connect. We all need it now more than ever. Details on groups and other happenings in August are below, so read on! Reflections for the Month of July: Open Topic At the Village Circle we LOVE open topic weeks. We used to do this once a month as an opportunity to really open up our shared space to whatever needed some perspective, maybe revisit an old topic that was re- surfacing, or bring something up we were finally ready to share. The lack of structure in an open topic check-in can be daunting, but usually once we start talking, whatever needs to come out finds its way to us. The whole month of July was open topic! And you know what we decided? That we are all such amazing, dedicated, and hard-ass working parents! We carry so much, all the time. It was great to provide an emotional respite for folks to set down whatever they were carrying. If you could not make it to group, we hope you can take pause, find a quiet moment, and give yourself a bit of respite from whatever you are holding. Check-in questions: What is real for you right now? Is there something that could really use some space? Something that has been coming up for you?


Birthday Celebrations! We love celebrating and honoring the first birthdays! We send our congratulations to any families who have made it through that first trip around the sun! August 14th: William August 24th: Charlie Don't see your child's name listed? We may have missed it! Send us an email and we can include you on the next month.


Coming in August!

On our minds: It is hard to believe Fall is right around the corner. We know there are still many long summer days ahead to enjoy, but since we are not meeting in September we wanted to make an opportunity this month to check in about the upcoming transitions. Besides the expected transition of the seasons, we are all likely going to experience some new and unexpected (and undesired) transitions related to the pandemic. What can we do when we know the only constant is change? One antidote is to name it and talk about it! That always helps us feel less like it is only us struggling! In person gathering: Friday August 13th 10am-12:00pm Due to facilitator vacations and schedules we are NOT planning to run an in person group in August. We are planning to host another informal gathering/meet up at Squalicum Park on Friday August 13th from 10am-12:00pm. This is drop in any time! We would love to see you. Babies and kids of all ages welcome. We will not be running group, but just holding space for folks to connect. Please remember that we want to ensure comfort and safety for everyone during these small social events. In order to do this we recommend everyone, regardless of vaccination status: -Wear a mask when arriving and departing from the gathering area. -Find a spot to call yours and make yourself comfortable. -When in your spot, vaccinated individuals can remove their masks. -Ask first before any physical contact. Regardless of vaccination status, everyone feels differently about risk! We know some people are ready to be back to normal, and we are too! We are choosing this more conservative path on purpose and appreciate your cooperation with us! Ongoing Virtual Groups: Join us for an opportunity to center yourself, recharge, and connect with one of our virtual groups! August groups: Thursday August 5th, 10am-11:30am Thursday August 19th, 1:30pm-3:00pm Zoom link for all groups:


**Reminder: No groups in September!**

We celebrate you, your story, and our time together.

In warmth, ~The Village Circle Collective Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.


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