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Group Peer Support


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For Birthing People of All Kinds

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We hold this brave space to speak truth

to the realities of parenting:

the good, the bad - all of it -

without judgement or advice. 


Each month we have a discussion topic,

and in each group we explore how

the topic intersects with parenthood. 

We  share whatever is real for us, in as little

or as much detail as we want and/or need.


We explore a myriad of topics from

hope, family, and relationships,

to bodies, love, and sex.


All of it!

About Us

The Village Circle Collective

The Village Circle is made possible by five dedicated individuals, united in a common mission: holding space for parents to realize that we are not alone, that we are good enough, and that we are what our children need.

We are all trained leaders in Group Peer Support (GPS), a trauma-responsive support group model. GPS is a model that has been replicated in diverse communities nationwide and has guided The Village Circle in holding this brave space since 2017.


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We are grateful for the tremendous guidance & support of Perinatal Support Washington!



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In-Person Support Groups

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"The Village Circle was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I went to my first circle when my daughter was four months old and while terrified to speak my truth to strangers it quickly became clear that this was a safe space to share my feelings, hardships and wins of parenting. I have so much respect for the fellow moms in the circle who made me feel heard, seen and so much less alone in the journey of motherhood. I am a better mom and a better person because I was welcomed, just because I showed up, by this amazing group."


“Village Circle has been a lifeline to me, especially during the early days when I was navigating my first birth. The facilitators are amazing. The conversation is real and powerful. The community is so valued and helpful. It made me feel not so alone.  I am so very grateful for Village Circle.”


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